The Research Corps attack on the nation of Marley, which also featured in the final episode of the fourth season of theAttack of the giantssparked an incredibly bloody and violent confrontation, in which both the armed forces of Paradis and the leaders of Marley used their best weapons.

After the first revelations, the presence of the Nine Giants was extremely powerful, and especially in this episode we see, one of the central points of the plot of the work signed by Hajime Isayama a battle at eight: the attack giant, the parent giant, the beast giant, the wagon giant, the jaw giant, the recently introduced hammer giant, the armored giant who came back in surprise, and finally the new colossal giant now in hand according to Armin.

The attack organized by Eren Jaeger and his companions is a path for both eliminate the major political and military leaders of the Marle nationy, but above all it is an opportunity to give Paradis a new power of giants. In fact, Lara Tybur, the sister of the leader Willy, who was brutally killed by Eren, has the powers of the giant hammer, who makes it thanks to the intervention of Pieck, who has turned into the giant chariot be ashamed of the attacking giants.

If it looks like there is no way out for the protagonist, we also see Zeke Jaeger, the giant animal, arrive, but shortly afterwards Armin transforms into the colossal giantThis leads to an explosion that destroys Marley's fleet and gives the Research Corps time to escape in an airship.

While Armin's plan seems perfect Levi tries to attack Zeke directlyMikasa uses his excessive confidence in his abilities and surprises him. While the giant car is stopped by Sasha and Jean, he cuts the games on the giant jaw to give Eren the chance to attack the giant jaw and Lara Tybur to absorb food for his powers.

The episode ends with an unexpected return with the appearance of the armored giantPure brown, ready to go wild against Eren, who wants to devour the giant pine. In conclusion, we would like to remind you that MAPPA thanked the reception of the last episode with a sketch by Mikasa and we leave you to a great fanart dedicated to the giant hammer.

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