Eiichiro Oda also seems to have orientated himself to really existing places in order to sketch the imagination of ONE PIECE. In fact, all of the work has moved the environment to the most diverse and diverse locations, but let's try to better understand what places the sensei seem inspired by.

The Wano Kuni area is just one of the wonderful backdrops that Oda made us used to. At every place where the protagonists gain a foothold, there was something magical in the backdrop. AlabastaFor example, it seems to have been inspired by Islamic architecture Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem much like the Alubarna Palace. Other similarities that you can still admire in the complex at the end of the news follow here:

  • Water 7 to the city of Venice with its splendid canals and structures;
  • The heart of Amazon Lily instead it is reminiscent of the temples of ancient China;
  • Mary Geoise, the capital of world government, refers to the architecture of the French Renaissance. Just think of Chambord Castle.
  • The landfill north of Bosco di Mezzo, il Gray terminalin the Smoky Mountains of Manila;
  • Punk Danger to Iceland, the land of ice and fire;
  • The wonderful Dress pink to Catalan modernism such as the huge garden of Park GΓΌell, but also to the Roman architecture of the Colosseum;
  • The land of the WanoKuni to feudal Japan, especially to Himeji Castle.

And you, instead, what do you think of these curiosities, did you know them? Let us know with a comment below.


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