Rumiko Takahashi, despite the advanced age for a mangaka, continues to work hard on new projects. At the moment, sensei is grappling with the MAO serialization that started a year ago. But his old works do not fall by the wayside since a new project dedicated to the world of Inuyasha.

In the number 24 of Weekly Shonen Sunday, where Inuyasha was published a few decades ago and MAO is currently underway, a novelty has been announced regarding the old manga of Rumiko Takahashi. Indeed Inuyasha will receive an anime for the project called "Hanyo no Hanashime". The nature of this project is not yet known, nor if it will be a long series, an OAV or other products.

Unfortunately instead we have to rectify the arrival of the anime of MAO, which in this issue only celebrated the first anniversary of publication. The error is due to a bad interpretation of the advertisement on the cover, where exactly the anime is intended for the Inuyasha project and not for MAO.

Surely in the future the new manga by Rumiko Takahashi will receive an animated adaptation, considering the always great popularity that his works have in Japan, so fans will have to do nothing but wait a little longer to see the series.

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