Yusuke Murata has been at work for years on One-Punch Man, remake of ONE's namesake webcomic. During the serialization on Tonari no Young Jump, Murata became known to fans for being a perfectionist and going to occasionally modify even chapters already published when he was not satisfied.

This time, however, the mangaka has gone far beyond the usual methodologies, going to almost completely rewrite and redesign chapter 103 of One-Punch Man. Published last year in Shueisha's digital magazine, fans have wondered why this change has left the various communities stunned.

In light of some spoiler events of ONE webcomic, Murata has decided to modify the entire structure and narration of the chapter that sees one clash between Sweet Mask and Monster Princess. In addition to some graphic changes to Monster Princess, whose breasts have grown and sexier shots are dedicated to her, most of the news concerns the hero.

In the ensuing combat, in addition to not killing the Monster Princess followers, Sweet Mask also reveals some peculiarities that were not in the original chapter of One-Punch Man designed by Murata and that make you think much more about the true nature of the hero. It is not yet known if Murata will also redesign the following chapters or if this will slow down the production of the stories after One-Punch Man 131.

The last remakes of One-Punch Man in Murata date back to chapters 122 and 123.

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