These days we should have read the new chapter of Attack on Titan, 129, which would continue the macabre story of Eren and his companions Mikasa and Armin. However, Coronavirus prevented this development, causing Bessatsu Shonen Magazine to stop in May. Attack of the Giants 129 is therefore postponed.

This month will therefore be the first in ten years of history where The Attack of the Giants will not be published. Fans need not fear, however, because the Kodansha publishing house has communicated what is the release date for the next issue of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. There will be no stops in June and therefore the number 6-7 will be published regularly on June 9, 2020.

We will therefore have to wait a month for the release of chapter 129 of The Attack of the Giants, which will make us take another step towards a now announced conclusion. Who will win between Eren Jaeger and the other factions at stake in the cruel and ruthless world created by Hajime Isayama?

The Attack of the Giants is a manga published since September 2009 on Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, on a monthly basis. Its popularity has been such as to make it a manga symbol of the last decade but now the work is about to end, as communicated by the mangaka himself.

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