2021 started a month ago and Twitter is already in its third major controversy against comics, even if this time the culprit is western opera. After the Redo of Healer fall and the jujutsu kaisen controversy, it was the turn of the Marvel comic book Immortal Hulk, accused of feeding racist stereotypes against Jews.

In Volume 43 of Immortal Hulk, which was released in the United States on February 3, 2021, there is a cartoon in which Joe Fixit, who is currently in control of Bruce Banner's body, purchases a diamond necklace with a stolen credit card. The name of the jewelery, written backwards in the window, is "Cronemberg's Jewelery". accompanied by a Star of David.

According to readers, the scene in question reinforces an anti-Semitic stereotype that wants all Jews to be greedy, dirty and tied to money, enough to do business with criminals. In addition, Cronenberg seems to be a reference to the director of the same name, who grew up in a Jewish family.

Joe Bennet, comic book artist, took full responsibility and stated the following: "In my work I have always included quotes for those who I consider great directors. In this way I respect their work. The window in question has a wrong sentence, I was writing backwards so I missed a few words (Editor's note. The correct sentence does not change, but the designer misspelled the director's name and lost a letter in jewelry.). I have no excuses for the way I used the Star of David, I did not realize the severity of the stereotype, but thanks to your comments I finally understood my mistake. What I did was wrong and I know it offended a lot of you so I apologize. I've already spoken to Marvel. From now on, I'll think more about it before I write".

Marvel Comics has publicly apologized, admitting that it failed to notice the bug prior to posting, and took responsibility for the gesture. The vignette will be changed from the first reprint.

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