Hunter X Hunter Unfortunately, it's once again on hold after a few weeks of release, a return that readers have been waiting for for years and whose future is now uncertain. However, support for the work continues undiminished, as evidenced by a recent TV show in Japan.

The resumption of Hunter x Hunter serialization will surely be waiting like the magazine Weekly Shonen Leaphas decided, in mutual agreement with the author, to change the format of publication of the series, although it is not yet clear how. Speaking of Sensei, have you ever seen this cover of Jump from 1999 starring Togashi and Naoko Takeuchi?

It was on the air last week a program in Japan hosted by Hamada and Matsumoto where the two discussed a strange anecdote related to Hunter x Hunter. In this case, the two remembered the origin story of the title. In fact, on a show many years ago, Matsumoto tended to repeat some words twice so many times that his colleague slapped him and asked why he did it.

This little joke convinced Togashi to repeat the name "Hunter" twice in the title, an anecdote the two hosts only later learned about. After all, Hitoshi Matsumoto himself didn't even immediately know that the character of Nobunaga was inspired by him. And you, on the other hand, did you know that backstory? Let us know with a comment below.

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