The return of Hunter x Hunter is now official. They will take shape on the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump over the coming months new clashes between potential rulers of the Kakin Empire. Again, each will weave their own threads, executing strategies, schemes, assassinations, and much more that will captivate readers.

At the same time, Hunter x Hunter Volume 37 will also be released in Japan. As usual, when Yoshihiro Togashi returns to publish the chapters in a magazine, the volume containing the previous ten chapters will also be published. In this case, the tankobon in question will contain chapters from 381 to 390. However, in these hours, along with the announcement of the manga's return, the main design of the tape was also revealed.

there Cover of Volume 37 of Hunter x Hunter Stars a character who has strayed very far from the main scenes, with few extras. However, he is a very powerful character that will certainly make itself felt in the next stages: this is him Morena PrudoHead of the Heil-Ly family, one of the biggest criminal groups in Kakin, and who works closely with the fourth lord Tserriednich.

Togashi's design is black and white, yet detailed and very accurate. We'll see if the character will return to action in the next chapters of the manga.

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