Hunter x Hunter is one of those long awaited manga and that hardly disappoints. Directed by Yoshihiro Togashi, the story is top-notch: while intricate, multi-faceted and with many actors at stake that are worth keeping in mind, it still manages to captivate everyone with great skill.

Unfortunately the manga was paused for a long time, but now Yoshihiro Togashi is working on the seventh chapter of Hunter x Hunter of this release round. For a few days since he created a Twitter account, he has been communicating with his readers and lovers, giving them a picture every day to show that his work is progressing.

In the past few days, mangaka has ramped up production, albeit slightly. After Hunter x Hunter pages 13 and 14 there are new updates. Here in the tweets below the pages of Hunter x Hunter from 15 to 18, among other things published in pairs at the same time. There are several details worth notingalthough many lines are still confused and the whole thing is far from having the final form of a manuscript.

now just one page is enough to complete Hunter x Hunter Chapter 397the 19, which is usually the last one, unless unpredictable stretches come along at that time.

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