Updates to unreleased Hunter x Hunter chapters continue: Yoshihiro Togashi He shared on Twitter and with his many fans the update on upcoming publications dedicated to his famous work.

At the end of the news, you can find the tweet shared by the @WSJ_manga account in Togashi's comments on the pages of Hunter X Hunter currently a work in progress: according to what the famous mangaka revealed, chapter 393 is in the control phase after some parts have been redesigned following some comments from Togashi, while the backgrounds of chapters 394, 395 and 396 will also be reviewed in the next few days . Some frames and dialogues of parts 397 and 398 still need to be worked out, on the contrary Chapter 399 is still in the confirmation phase.

After several years of hiatus and occasional releases due to the author's health, it seems that new installments of the manga centering on the events of Gon and the other characters depicted in the pages of Yoshihiro Togashi's work will be available in the coming months are known . It only remains to wait the next few weeks to find out how the works of the famous manga will progress. In the meantime, we point out this cosplay dedicated to a character of Hunter x Hunter: it is Hisokarecreated by cosplayer Ryoiich.

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