Hunter x Hunter it's been running on Weekly Shonen Jump almost since the same time as ONE PIECE. However, unlike his colleague, Yoshihiro Togashi's manga has less than half the chapters. This is due to the very long breaks that the mangaka takes between a series of chapters, due to the chronic back pain that afflicts it.

This inevitably led readers to 54-year-old Togashi hurry to finish Hunter x Hunter, before the mangaka's health deteriorates too much. One of the moments according to readers when the manga could end was after the election of the hunter's president, which closed several key moments in the story.

In an interview, Togashi speaks about it. The Hunter x Hunter's mangaka said ending the story at that point would make sense. However, he didn't want to do it because he thought he was disappointing readers who wanted to continue reading the story. Furthermore, if Togashi had been a reader, he too would have liked to continue reading. He also still had many ideas for the series and therefore decided to continue.

Despite everything, Togashi continues to write for fans, even if the breaks due to force majeure make this difficult. At the moment Hunter x Hunter has been on hiatus for almost two years.

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