Weekly Shonen Jump has many big titles in its ranks. Soon, Shueisha Magazine will welcome 4 new series while also re-publishing Hunter X Hunter. The manga by Yoshihiro Togashi was highly anticipated, with the mangaka's Twitter comments further fueling the hype.

As usual since publication resumed, the mangaka also shares his thoughts in the dedicated space, that of the table of contents, where all the authors publish a weekly commentary. However, there will be one big change for Hunter x Hunter.

Togashi has decided that he will no longer post comments on Weekly Shonen Jump and that in their place the assistants will write them. A very peculiar choice, never seen before in the magazine, considering that the space only welcomes brief thoughts from the various mangakas about what they've been up to during the week, or funny or particular anecdotes.

According to some fans, also due to last week's comment - where he wrote that he really wanted to draw the last page of his comic -, Togashi almost seems to want to let go of his manga, and increasingly leaves it to the assistants. What impact will Hunter x Hunter's writer choice have?

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