Yoshihiro Togashi hasn't been able to publish his creature for a decade, Hunter X Hunter. The author's health has far-flung roots since the time of Yu of the Spectra, and for this reason it has never managed to remain constant. Hunter x Hunter has seen one hiatus after another over the years.

However, despite his back problems, Yoshihiro Togashi managed to continue the manga in batches of about ten chapters, published once or twice a year. The last few years have not been happy from this point of view, but he recently returned for a new cycle of ten chapters that will end with Chapter 400 on December 25th. As was actually largely predictable, Hunter x Hunter 400 will be the last before another hiatus.

The announcement came on Weekly Shonen Jump, the magazine that has already been mostly leaked on the internet. Shueisha and Togashi shared this Hunter x Hunter is on hiatus again, but there are some very important news to underline. Indeed, the message contained in the magazine does not announce a simple break. In fact, that is what is claimed Hunter x Hunter will no longer be held weekly from now on and that more details will be announced in the near future. In the same issue, Togashi said he wants to work in a way that doesn't bother others too much.

This opens up many scenarios with which Possibility of Hunter x Hunter being released occasionally one chapter at a time and no longer in groups of ten chapters. Probably the number of chapters published each year wouldn't change that much, but readers would progress slowly but steadily. We just have to wait and see what the Hunter x Hunter release methods will be like in the near future.

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