At Weekly Shonen Jump, it's difficult to take long breaks because the editors have awarded this virtue to very few mangaka. Yoshihiro Togashi is one of them, and is now known for the lengthy hiatus of Hunter x Hunter. The manga has been on hiatus for many years and is struggling with its longest hiatus ever.

This is about to change, surprisingly enough The author has signed up on Twitter. As if that wasn't enough, the first post was an announcement that she was working on the storyboards, a tweet that cheered up Hunter x Hunter fans. In the past few hours he has also published one new image of a Hunter x Hunter chapter he is preparing. As you can see in the tweet below, he simply represented a tree so as not to reveal too much of the story, although from this element alone the most avid fans of the series can begin to draw some conclusions.

but how many chapters will Hunter x Hunter have this time? And when is it coming out? This time, Togashi's account doesn't provide the answer, but one of his employees who has been following him on Twitter for the past few days. According to this person, the author will return for publication on Weekly Shonen Jump once 10 storyboards are complete. Since the mangaka has reached his sixth level, it will be a while before we see him in action. And given the number, it's likely that there will be a release this time too only ten chapters before going on indefinite hiatus.

What do you expect from the return of Hunter x Hunter?

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