Four year long release between different acts and intermissions: That was Wano's arc, the longest of ONE PIECE. But now Wano is in the final phase, the war is finally coming to an end. Luffy clashed with Kaido and seems to have prevailed, but will that really be the case?

THAT first spoilers of ONE PIECE 1050 tell what happened after Luffy's fatal blow.

  • Chapter 1050 is titled "Glory";
  • In the mini-cover adventures, Reiju and Ichiji manage to save Niji and Yonj;
  • Kaido falls into the depths of Wano and reaches the magma Big Mom also flows under the island;
  • There is a flashback of Toko and Yasuie, Yasuie ate the same smile that Toko had bitten because he didn't want to leave her alone laughing all the time;
  • Nekomamushi announces Luffy's victory to the whole island;
  • Momonosuke tells Zunisha that he will open Wano's borders, but not now;
  • Momonosuke lands in the Flower Capital and he returns to humanity, but his true form is not seen because of the smoke;
  • Hiyori and the Red Sheaths also appear from the same smoke;
  • Denjiro says, "I brought you the new Shogun of Wano!".

ONE PIECE is not taking a break next week and the next chapter will be published regularly on MangaPlus.

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