Yoshihiro Togashi is back with new chapters after a long hiatus that lasted almost four years Hunter X Hunter, but also with several active projects. In fact, these days an exhibition dedicated to his works has been inaugurated and to enhance the event, Shueisha has started publishing the series at the same time. chronicle books.

These are eight volumes dedicated to the legends and narrative arcs of the works of the master, Ten de Showaru Cupid, Yu Yu Hakusho, Level E and Hunter x Hunter. The first volume with Yusuke Urameshi on the cover contained several curiosities about the master's two major works as already leaked from the color table published in Weekly Shonen Jump #47, and awaited news about the content of the second series became the cover's illustration presented in the second volume.

In @shonenleaks' post, which you can find at the bottom of the page, you can see the absolute protagonist of the next volume: Killua Zoldyck, one of the main characters of Hunter x Hunter. The drawing comes from one of the moments experienced by the boy and his friend Gon in the world of Greed Island, the video game developed by the Game Masters, including Ging Freecss. A special note since, as confirmed by Shueisha in the past, the Chronicle Books will be delving deeply into the Greed Island saga Yu Yu Hakusho's Dark Tournament.

We also remind you that all volumes are released twice a week, so the second will arrive onNovember 11, 2022.

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