All in all, Hunter x Hunter is still on a very long hiatus that lasted three years. It dates from 2018 the last chapter published by Yoshihiro Togashi on Weekly Shonen Jump, a time that had never been found until now since the author was banned for just over a year at most.

But the world of Hunter x Hunter is in turmoil, with fans perking up at the sudden appearance of a new account on Twitter attributed to Yoshihiro Togashi. Lots of people followed him, even people from the Shueisha editorial team and fellow mangaka who also can't wait to go back and read what they're about to do. Kurapika and the others on the ship bound for the dark continent.

Meanwhile, Togashi gets caught by Twitter and uploads a picture every day. After a picture with a 6, one with a tree and another with a 7 in the corner, it's now a Hunter x Hunter page with an 8. The author should work on this Storyboard of Chapter 396 and it's almost half.

Togashi is not said to continue at the rate of one page per day, which would mean waiting many more months for serialization to return. But what's in the picture? You see very little, of course, but there is a balloon with a "doshi," an onomatopoeia indicating a falling heavy object -- or body -- an impact. There is therefore little to achieve to make one Spoiler theory on the next chapters of Hunter x Hunter.

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