Over 1,400 days, almost four years: The return of Hunter x Hunter after such a long time fills a huge hole. It's still a few days until Chapter 391 arrives on Weekly Shonen Jump, but of course Yoshihiro Togashi is already on with production. In fact, the mangaka covers chapters up to 410.

However, as the drafts continue, the mangaka and his group of assistants are also working on refining chapters 391 through 400, or the first ten, which will be released on Weekly Shonen Jump for ten consecutive weeks from late October through January. Hunter x Hunter 397 most notably, it ended up in the center of a Togashi tweet, as you can see below.

The mangaka is very focused on drawing certain backgrounds and details and that very chapter was released a while ago but less detailed. Because of the forest, there had been theories about Hunter x Hunter 397, forest, which also recurs in this picture. Thus, the temporary change of setting in this chapter could be confirmed, perhaps to make room for Gon and Killua, or in a surprise landing on the wrong dark continent, the current destination of the Voyage on the Whale.

What do you expect from your neighbors? Hunter x Hunter Chapter Cycle?

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