Waiting for the debut of the anime of chainsaw man is over and the fan base could finally dive into the story of Tatsuki Fujimoto. The success of the most anticipated adaptation of this fall program made so much noise that it put the protagonists of the work on the cover of CUT.

Chainsaw Man started out with a bang and lived up to Studio MAPPA's very high expectations of the product. In anticipation of the second episode of Chainsaw Man, the anime series is the focus of numerous promotional initiatives.

On the Cover of the November 2022 issue of CUT, a Japanese magazine covering all things entertainment, will be Denji and Makima. In the artwork, the two protagonists of the work, who meet in the first installment of the series, embrace as in Denji's dreams.

Betrayed and killed by his boss, Denji signs a blood pact with his pup Pochita and is reincarnated as Chainsaw Man. is approached by Makima, who knows exactly how dangerous he can be for people. Convinced of Denji's goodness, Makima hires him as a devil hunter and hugs him, just like in the poster for CUT. And you watched the debut of the animated adaptation?


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