The manga from Black Carnation has entered its final arc by taking readers to visit the Land of the Sun, a place culturally very different from the Magical Kingdom. Yuki Tabata not only shows the various differences between the two nations, but also reveals dark details of a beloved protagonist from this country.

Awakened after clashing with Lucius Zogratis in the Land of the Sun, Asta knows a different kind of magic, the Yoryoku, and a phenomenal ability that could aid him in the final confrontation with the antagonist, the Zetten. But the young magician of the Black Bull also finds out about one Story that could undermine the respect he feels for his captain.

In Black Clover 341, after practicing the use of the pegs, Asta has a conversation with Ichika, during which the girl reveals how much she admires the Shogun Ryuya. Asta then replies that he perfectly understands his feelings as he feels the same kind of respect for Captain Yami Sukehiro. Just to hear that name spoken Ichika trembles with anger and refers to his older brother as "scum of the worst kind".

Finally, when Asta tries to defend his beloved Captain and points to his merits, Ichika reveals that Yami is the one responsible for the slaughter of his clan. Yami is Black Clover's Itachi Uchiha and more information will be revealed to us through the flashback that we will see in Black Clover 342.

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