Crunchyroll's fall 2022 schedule is one of the richest ever. Alongside the big return of Bleach, they've also arrived on the streaming entertainment platform with the adaptation of Millennial War Spy x Family and Chainsaw Mantwo very different series, but united by a crossover.

In October, the first episodes of the Chainsaw Man and Spy x Family anime began airing in simulcast streaming. If Tatsuki Fujimoto's work is a debut, Tatsuya Endo's is more like a return since the first season actually started in the spring season. So, Anya, Loid and Yor opened the doors of Crunchyroll to Denji and Pochita.

Chainsaw Man and Spy x Family are two very different series. One is violent and full of bloodshed, the other is more family-friendly and lighter. But the two souls are share the same incredible success. But what would happen if you combined the two narrative universes?

In a project aimed at promoting the two souls, Spy x Family met Chainsaw Man. In the first promotional cartoon, found at the end of the article, Anya claims to be him devil spy. In the second, angry Anya accuses her father Loid of being him studio devil. In the third, Disastrous in the Kitchen, Mama Yor is referred to as the one kitchen devil. Finally, in the last cartoon Anya puts Bond aside to cuddle with Pochita.

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