Among the souls that have fascinated entire generations in Italy there is certainly Lady Oscar, who allowed us to follow the history of France at the end of the eighteenth century through the eyes of Oscar François de Jarjayes. At the dawn of the end of the ancien régime, Lady Oscar's personal and non-personal battles received a lot of consensus.

As often happens, the anime was taken from the Versailles no Bara manga (The Roses of Versailles) written and designed by Ryoko Ikeda. For several years RW Editions he owned the publishing rights in Italy, granted by Ikeda Production. After the publication of volume 12 of The Roses of Versailles - Lady Oscar however the Italian publishing house had to communicate the stop and therefore volumes 13 and 14 will not arrive in our country.

The non-publication is due to a choice by the Japanese publisher not to grant the rights of these two final volumes. It should however be remembered that the Lady Oscar's main story has already ended from different volumes and that the last four contain extra stories drawn by Ryoko Ikeda after the conclusion of the original serialization. Some of these extra chapters of Lady Oscar have a very recent publication, such as those of 2017.

In any case, the Goen publishing house continues to specify that the outputs of the other manga will not be stopped except for reasons of force majeure like this.

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