Many skills are required to achieve Laugh Tale. Undoubtedly you have to have an extremely strong crew as you have to sail in the New World, the place where the People stronger than ONE PIECE. Then it needs the ability to find the four road poneglyphs, elements that show the way.

Finally, someone is needed who can read the engravings on these special stones. And that's the hardest thing since Ohara was destroyed. So whoever can read poneglyphs in ONE PIECE is Nico Robin, but not only. And be right on the person Blackbeard wants to get his hands on.

The Emperor undoubtedly aspires to One Piece, as evidenced by the attack in ONE PIECE 1063, which could allow him to get his hands on the text of Wano's Poneglyphs. But meanwhile his crew meets Whole Cake Island: Pudding was kidnapped by two characters, one of which could be Kuzan. The former admiral, allied with Blackbeard, would have kidnapped Big Mom's daughter because thanks to her paternal lineage, she was able to awaken a power with the third eye that allows her to read the ancient engravings on the Poneglyphs.

If Blackbeard could win the challenge then then would make great strides toward Laugh Tale within a few chapters and later became a contender for the title of Pirate King.

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