The ship is always in chaos. As all people - both upper and lower class, not counting criminals - are carried on the boat, the struggle for succession becomes more and more complicated. Therefore, after concentrating on a principle and a workout, Togashi began to focus on it Hunter x Hunter mafia.

Kakin's Mafias are back in the game with multiple characters in action forever. All three families are currently active, namely in the Hunter x Hunter 393 spoilers we check them again. Apparently, the first return is the Heil-Ly family with Luini, who had used his Nen power to provoke the Phantom Brigade through the door. It even continues for the first few pages - visible below - with Nobunaga drawing his sword.

Luini has practically no time to say otherwise He is brutally killed by Nobunaga, impaled in the head. Meanwhile, the Char-R family search team also returns and finds Luini's body in front of it. Meanwhile, the group is also looking for the killer's other half of his body to understand where he used his power from. However, there is one in another room, similar to a movie theater Figure from behind that resembles Hisoka.

Will he also help unleash a war between Kakin's mafia families in the next chapters of Hunter x Hunter?

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