The anime series Dragon Ball Super has expanded with the introduction of the multiverse, bringing a wider array of characters into play.

Spoiler Alert for Recent Dragon Ball Super Arcs

Some characters, despite their creative conception, have been underutilized within the narrative, warranting a reevaluation for possible future arcs.

At the tertiary position, Toppo of the Pride Troopers from Universe Eleven merits attention. His true capabilities, as seen in the Tournament of Power and his potential role as God of Destruction, demonstrate a significant level of power, especially evident in his effortless defeat of Frieza.

Secondly, Android 73, or OG73-i, though initially seen as a secondary antagonist, possesses notable traits such as perpetual stamina and the ability to absorb the abilities of others. However, his strategic potential has not been fully realized or depicted within the series' current story arcs.

Most notably, Granolah stands as the epitome of underestimation. His dedication, transcending years for the sake of power and retribution against the Saiyans, showcases a warrior of profound strength, yet his character development and exploration of his capabilities remain insufficient.

Considering his recent alliance with the series' protagonists to confront the Heeter threat, Granolah's character could evolve, presenting him as a more robust and experienced warrior in upcoming storylines.

It is anticipated that these characters will gain the recognition their complex roles demand, enriching the series' future narrative layers. May these unsung warriors garner the appreciation they rightfully deserve, their sagas unfurling in vibrant detail henceforth.

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