How many characters does One Piece contain?  Yes there are more than 1000

Now almost 1000 chapters of ONE PIECEEiichiro Oda has managed to sketch a plot full of detail and nuance, which is made even more complex by a multitude of characters painting all the different subplots of the story. However, the question arises as to how many topics Sensei has envisioned so far.

Instead of wondering how many characters there are in ONE PIECE, it almost makes more sense to ask how he does it Eiichiro Oda to remember everyone. In fact, his pirate epic counts 995 chapters to this day and only 5 numbers separate the manga from the four digits. Over the course of the Mugiwara adventure, Luffy and his crew fought countless battles and shared hot meals with dozens, if not hundreds, of characters. But how many topics has the author drawn so far?

For obvious reasons, the number only includes the list of canonical characters, while those that have more than one name are inserted with the most common. So in chapter 995 of ONE PIECE, it's me In 1220 the signs appeared in the tables of the work. A disproportionate number has grown by over a hundred since last year, when 1094 subjects were counted at chapter 955 at the end of the second act of the Wano saga.

It's not yet clear how Oda can remember all of this number of characters, but it's true that only a brilliant writer like him could be able to orchestrate such an immense amount of personality. As for you, what do you think of these numbers instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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