In Italy it was also a real buzz word thanks to the title song sung by the talented Cristina D'Avena. It is Hamtaro, also known with the subtitles of "Little Hamsters Great Adventures", who accompanied a generation in Italy in the mornings and afternoons. 1. In Japan, the Tottoko Hamtaro series has received several souls.

But now the anime is back on the orange and white hamster, but because of the Thai news. In the Southeast Asian country there have been several demonstrators in the past few days who are calling for more democracy in the country. And some of them decided to take it Hamtaro as a mascotafter creating a parodic version of one of the franchise's most famous songs. The edited text contains the phrase "The tastiest food is the payer's taxes"and it has become a very famous slogan against the current government.

The parody continued to praise the dissolution of the current Thai government and was also sung during the march to the Bangkok Democracy Monument. In particular, a nineteen who was interviewed by the national network has announced that he had chosen Hamtaro as his mascot, hoping the song would go viral. Now Thailand's future has a different face. Will it affect the protest?

When you speak of protests, do you remember when the mangakas supported Hong Kong?

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