The penultimate episode of the fourth season of Haikyuu !! to the top saw the end of the grueling game between Karasuno and Inarizaki. Both teams held their own and wanted to win point for point at any price. In this match, the Karasunos faced many obstacles.

First of all the Miya brothers who with their quick minus time equal to that of Hinata and Kageyama they managed to get the protagonists into trouble. The rest of the Inarizaki team also made it difficult for the Karasunos and were able to hold their own against the strategies that had led the Raben team to victory in the past. The aim is also to give two solid points to the team like Nishinoya and Tanaka.

While the manga hits 50 million copies, the last sentence in the anime weighed on both teams and arrived exhausted at the end of the third sentence, however Karasuno took the win with a score of 32 to 30. While the Miya brothers try to win the quick theft set, Kageyama and Hinata were able to hit the wall together and block the Inarizaki attack, perhaps precisely because they have proven firsthand that speed is a powerful weapon. but it's not invincible.

So it's not the first time fans have gone crazy over an episode of Haikyuu Let's see what Haikyuu fans have to say who went wild on Twitter celebrating the deserved victory of our fallen giants who apparently rose.

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