The series started in 2012 on the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump Haikyu!! has turned out to be one of the most welcome surprises in the Spokon scene of the last 10 years, which, despite being closed for almost two years, is becoming increasingly popular among fans, also thanks to interesting collaborations, as most recently with the Monster Hunter franchise.

The partnership that will exist from April 15 to May 19, 2022 at Capcom Cafes Spread across Japan, it is already one of the most bizarre and imaginative ever organized. It seems an incredible and risky decision to bring together two universes so fundamentally different from each other as the sensational volleyball games of Shoyo Hinata and his teammates and the strategic and calculated hunts of Monster Hunter Rise.

However, already from the promotional materials released by Capcom, available below, the initiative has been very well studied and seen unexpectedly Shoyo with giant egg and hunter armor it might come as a welcome surprise to many. Special placemats and coasters will be given to anyone who places at least one order, while those who spend more than 3,000 yen will receive one festive postcard the event.

Finally, remember that the number of pages of the special Haikyu chapter has been announced !!.

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