In view of the forthcoming premiere in Japanese cinemas, Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan's Island is featured in a concluding promotional video that highlights the political intrigue and battles between mechs that viewers will witness throughout the anime feature.

If nothing is known about the international release yet, when the new Gundam movie there are only a few days left. Featuring the latest promotional video ahead of its theatrical debut, the Negotiations between Federation Officer Gopp and M'Quve, the notorious commander of the Principality of Zeon, in charge of mining operations on Earth. In the clip, M'Quve threatens to hit centers in New York and London if the Federation doesn't cancel its planned attack on Gibraltar.

In addition, in the video below we also see Cucuruz Doan on board theRX-78-2, battle his old allies in the Southern Cross Squadron and interact with the orphans he cares for. Previously, the design of Gundam's antagonist Cucuruz Doan's Island was revealed.

The feature film is a Remake of the original 1979 anime episode and sees Amuro Ray traveling to an island that should be deserted to hunt her down Survivors of the Battle of Jaburo. There, as we saw in the first Gundam: Cucuruz Doan's Island trailer, he meets Cucuruz Doan, a former Zaku pilot who is now involved in raising war orphans.

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