encounters forFinal Act of My Hero Academia They have already been prepared in advance in the strategy developed by All Might and the others. Shoto managed to defeat his brother Dabi, Uraraka and Froppy fought using Toga while Bakugo and Deku were tasked with stopping Tomura Shigaraki. But who cares about the loose spinner cannon?

In the latest chapter of the work, we discover that facing the villain with the appearance of a reptile will be different Yuei Class 1-A students. But will he be able to handle the surprising power given to Spinner by All For One?

As news of Shoto's win spreads across the various combat scenarios, we see how different Spinner is from the usual. Spinner is a lot thanks to the "gift" of the symbol of fear, a gift Daby had refused imposing and powerful. His goal is to free Kurogiri from the heroes' captivity. However, it stands tall in defense of whoever was once Aizawa's best friend mezo shoji from 1-A.

As we know, Spinner is fighting to rid the My Hero Academia society of racism. Like him, the student was also the Yuei victims of racism. This is exactly why Shoji wears a mask in My Hero Academia.

This fight, which at first glance develops between two underdeveloped secondary characters, hides a great meaning. Spinner and Shoji share the same past, due to their Quirk Mutant, but they grew up in two completely different ways. Currently, the villain doesn't seem to have a clear path. Will Shoji be able to point that out? Before that, in My Hero Academia 354 spoilers, the challenge between Endeavor and All For One begins.

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