Goku has been facing Molo for some time. The fight recently moved to Earth and will likely be the last. The galactic wizard troubled and almost destroyed the protagonists of Dragon Ball Super. But Merus' intervention changed the cards on the table significantly by depriving Molo of some basic skills.

With the Chapter 64 of Dragon Ball SuperGoku understood what Merus wanted to do with his gesture and looking back at the past, he manages to calm himself down so that the activation of Ultra Instinct is triggered. This time the protagonist manages to use it in the perfect form, which does not cause rapid exhaustion of the forces and gives him silver-white hair and eyes.

One of the pages of Dragon Ball Super 64 is devoted to complete transformation in addition to Molo's confusion and Jaco's surprise. The Sarriaart fan has decided to devote himself to this page, which is officially available in black and white on MangaPlus. Creates his color version of Goku and Molo. Obviously, the focus is entirely on the Saiyan protagonist with two fully dedicated cartoons showing the result of the divine transformation.

The light hair and the now historic orange-blue overall are strikingwhile we see Molo with the typical blue and white color, while Jaco is hiding with his classic light blue and purple. With the release of the official color version of Dragon Ball Super, we can enjoy the entire chapter in these conditions.

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