Most of the anime produced in Japan are based on a manga that is often written and drawn by a single writer or at most four hands between the scriptwriter and the designer. One of the most famous in the world ONE PIECE, produced in both manga and anime for over twenty years.

Many started the anime from ONE PIECE and then move on to the manga that keeps up with production and enjoys all of the little details that Eiichiro Oda put in firsthand. But there are also people who choose not to keep going and just enjoy the animated customization. One such person is Mayumi Tanaka, the historical voice actress for Luffy.

The backbone of the anime's cast admitted in an interview with a Japanese program that it relies solely on the scripts that are supplied to it to produce the adaptation Don't read the ONE PIECE manga at all. A choice that may seem unique, but perhaps also logical given the enormous amount of manga volumes.

ONE PIECE is about to reach Chapter 1000 as its world expands significantly thanks to the production of side stories such as that of ONE PIECE Episode A dedicated to Ace.

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