Gintama's brand is one of the most popular in Japan. While the manga first ended on Weekly Shonen Jump and then the app was dedicated to the comic, in its animated version Gintama remains in production. After the countless seasons that have aired over the years, this time comes Gintama in the form of an animated feature film.

The new film from Gintama has finally hit Japanese theaters and has continued the bizarre story of Gintoki and his companions, dealing with the final stages of their history. Mangaka Hideaki Sorachi also participated in the production and had made fun of his product and the world of animation and decided to promote himself by taking advantage of the popularity of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

This wasn't enough for the mangaka, however, who left a letter to greet the characters during the thank you phase for the film. Just that The ones he greeted are not the characters in his manga:: "Goodbye Shinji, Rei, Asuka. Goodbye Evangelion. Let's all see the Evangelion movie in theaters on January 23rd! Huh? Was that the wrong one? Not Hideaki Anno's, but Hideaki's, the Idiots? Huh? But both Hideaki have false endings ... Sorry. I don't have much to say about that. I'm sure the friends of this idiot Hideaki working on it will see. "

Mangaka Hideaki Sorachi makes a comparison between himself and Hideaki Anno and is still teasing and Instead of promoting Gintama, say hello to Neon Genesis Evangelion. Even if he doesn't let his characters speak, the cute gorilla Mangaka continues to parody his products.

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