The anime industry is following a path that is slowly changing the manufacturing apparatus of the entire sector, thanks in particular to the weight of China and the US as investors. In that regard, one of the anime's animation directors is from Gintama, Shinji Takamatsu.

It is now a fact that Netflix has helped bring about change in the animation industry, although not all workers in Japan are happy with the news. In addition, the Covid-19 has inevitably exacerbated the situation in this sectorfurther involvement of foreign capital to finance the various projects. Takamatsu took the opportunity to talk about the current changes that have completely changed the reality of production compared to a few years ago:

""Dubbing for the anime that I've been working on since last year started today. The season of a Cour is expected to end in the fall, but will not be broadcast until next year. The way anime is produced has changed in recent years and it has become much more common to end all episodes before they air. As someone who has worked with anime every week and for decades under constant pressure from broadcasting needs, I feel like I finish all the episodes before I broadcast sins, a sense of excitement and out of line with the style of the television anime. ""

On the other hand, if this can in some way be good for the health of the studios, it is good to consider that the Chinese government must approve each episode when funding the various productions, while on the other hand Netflix has a tendency to release the original series in large quantities and this consequently results in the need to finish all episodes first. This does not mean that working conditions are actually better or that the pressure on deadlines is less than in the past, but it cannot be denied that the entire industry is on a strong path of change. And you, what do you think of his words instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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