The film called Gintama: The last film will complete the animated version of the historical manga by Hideaki Sorachi. On this occasion, the participating cinemas will distribute a special illustration by the author to those who buy the ticket.

The famous comic series published between the pages of Shonen Jump, ended 2019 with 77 volumes and the animated adaptation is also preparing to give an epilogue to the events of Gintoki and the Tuttofare Agency. After numerous transpositions, the story based on that of the manga will come to a close, with the new film now available in Japanese cinemasJanuary 8, 2021. A trailer for Gintama: The Final Movie was recently released and two special episodes titled Gintama: The Semi-Final have been announced, the storyline of which is linked to that of the film and is scheduled for release on January 15th.

On the occasion of the upcoming screening, the participating cinemas in cooperation with Hideaki SorachiEvery week they donate various gifts to the audience in the room, the first of which is dedicated to the manga Demon Hunter. One will be distributed for the first seven days after the film is released illustrated postcard by the author of Gintama, who represents Tanjiro and the Hashira, protagonists of the famous manga by Koyoharu Gotouge.

No further details are known at this time about the bonuses that will be distributed to viewers over the next few weeks but will certainly help increase voter turnout in theaters from different fans.

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