The event Future state With the New Year opening through DC Comics, readers will continue to get excited. In the third volume of Dark Detective, Gotham City, which is dominated by the magistrate and the peacekeepers, is brought to its knees by a sensational revelation: a traitor is hiding among the guards.

In Future State: Dark Detective # 3's chapter, "No Future, No Past, Part 2," Gotham's new masters continue to use violence against anyone found hostile or unruly. For Jason Todd and Ravager, every night has become a matter of life or death, but among the last remaining Guardians in town it seems hide a traitor.

Grifter and Huntress are commissioned in the volume Get Luke Fox from Gotham. Although the Fox family works with the magistrate to provide weapons and advanced technology, the city is no longer a safe place.

However, the peacekeeping forces went on a search and culminated in the runaway trio supported by another vigilante, Veil. Helena is brought to a dock and shows her companions a submarine that cannot be detected by the armed forces of the magistrate. But when it appears that the mission is complete, Luke is revealed an army informant Ruler of Gotham.

Lucius Fox's son has negotiated a deal: Huntress' head in exchange for erasing information about her past. But since Cole Cash isn't part of the exchange, Luke secretly offers him a lifeline.

Although he can enter the submarine and escape, Grifter's conscience prevents him from doing so Go away and leave a partner. Back on the dock, Cole brings Huntress to safety and gains valuable time with the opposing forces that eventually manage to take him into custody.

Luke Fox fell out of favor turn into a traitor in the service of the army of the mysterious magistrate. Will he ever be able to redeem himself and the bat symbol that he once wore on his chest?

In previous volumes of DC Future State: Dark Detective, one of Batman's most famous villains is dead. The old and new Dark Knights met in Future State: The Next Batman.

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