When it comes to anime or manga, there are only two works that are familiar even to the less familiar. Dragon Ball and ONE PIECE. In the course of their more than ten-year history, the characters from the works of Toriyama and Oda have come together several times, but never as in this illustration by a fan.

Dragon Ball and ONE PIECE fought for the post of Queen Opera from Weekly Shonen Jumpand to put an end to this rivalry, Goku and Luffy even fought. In fact, the Z-Warriors and the Straw Hat Pirates officially met in the past in the "Dream 9" special, in which the two protagonists could not determine who was the best.

But an artist finally closed things off in a very special way. Reddit user SSJ_Codii did a fantastic illustration of the characters from Dragon Ball They take over the shoes of their colleagues of one piece. For example, in the picture that you can admire at the end of the news, we see Goku wearing Luffy's unkempt clothes, Vegeta swinging Zoro's three swords, and Bulma replacing Nami.

On board the Thousand Sunny, which in this version shows the Shenron Dragon instead of the usual lion, The Z warriors sailed the seven seas in search of the seven Dragon Balls. Or the treasure of Gol D. Roger?

What do you think of the artist's complex work? Meanwhile, Freeza has no escaping in this other Dragon Ball fan art. As for the Oda series, Big Mom delights in this ONE-PIECE illustration.

Drew a crossover of my two favorite series. by r / OnePiece

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