Two superheroes were born in Dragon Ball Super, namely young Goten and Trunks. Now teenagers and high school students, the two divide their lives between everyday life and helping others, in disguise like Gohan did many years before them. But it's not that easy for the two young Saiyans.

The first official Dragon Ball Super 89 spoilers had revealed the contents of the opening pages of the chapter. We return to a scholastic context with the arrival of a new student, the mysterious Beta, who doesn't seem to have a positive aura. A few hours after the release of the official chapter on Manga Plus, the leakers reveal all the pages of the chapter. So here they are Dragon Ball Super 89 spoilers complete with pictures.

He's recovering from the basketball game where Trunks goes out of his way to impress May, but Beta also tries to assert itself in the opposing team, steals the ball from the Saiyan and goes to the basket. dr Hedo keeps an eye on everything, especially Trunks, via a monitor. Actually one of Hedo's androids, Beta tries to get more information about the Saiyan, but both he and Mai find out. So the two are between one malice and the other against each other.

A few pages later, the villains take the hard route: Beta arrives at school in a mask who immediately starts fighting with Goten, but Trunks transforms into Saiyaman X-1 and intervenes. However, after a physical altercation, the time comes Beta takes advantage of a robot and kidnaps Mai, which worried both Trunks and Pilaf. However, the young protagonist destroys the robot and easily rescues Mai, who, however, as she watches Saiyaman X-1, remembers the Trunks of the future.

The young man leaves without revealing his identity, however Mai seems to be smitten with the superhero. Trunks, grasping the situation, tries to reveal who he really is, but Goten blocks him. Meanwhile, Hedo plans something new and keeps an eye on Goten, Trunks and Mai. What will happen in Dragon Ball Super?

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