Just two days after the official release of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 75, the full chapter spoilers have surfaced online. Amado becomes the protagonist of several revelations, but how far does his knowledge go?

Boruto 75 spoilers focus on Revelations of Amado. Therefore, the coexistence between Boruto, Kawaki, Eida, and Daemon is temporarily set aside in order to put the spotlight on the former scientist of the Kara Organization.

From the beginning, Amado revealed to Shikamaru and Naruto the truth about his daughter. The girl had an incurable disease and was left to her own devices by the doctors. Amado never attempted to find a cure, instead thinking directly of creating a clone in which he could transmit his daughter's will and knowledge. But when he managed to bring this android to life, he realized that he didn't have his daughter's personality, but his own. This clone is Delta.

At this point, Amado's speech focuses on Eida and Daemon. Her powers aren't just ninjutsu. The two brothers own one Power called Shinjutsuof divine abilities. This category includes not only Eida's Senrigan, but also Kawaki's Sukunahikona and Code's Claw Mark.

Godlike abilities come from DNA dal God of the Ootsutsuki, Shibai, a being who could create storms by moving his hands and lightning through words. However, he is no longer alive. After thousands of years of exploiting karma and eating dozens of god trees, Shibai died. However, Amado is unaware of how he disappeared or if someone killed him. Momoshiki, in the soul of Boruto, confirms the whole story. However, he reveals that Eida's ability to drop everyone at his feet has nothing to do with Ootsutsuki DNA.

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