The anime has given us some of the best white gun fights ever. Just think of the Fate series, the duels between Demon Slayer and Sword Art Online, or the unprecedented violence of the clashes in Berserk and Bleach. But what do all these fights have in common? The answer is in the funny video of an American tiktoker.

Caleb Glass, the content creator known on the web as CalebCity, posted the beautiful video attached below a few days ago, had 1.5 million views on YouTube and recorded equally impressive numbers on his social profiles, from TikTok to Twitter. In the video, the boy shows the clash between two swordsmen who are seen through the eyes of a supporting character. and not even to say the video exploded and went viral in a matter of hours.

The clip teases the classic supersonic speed clichΓ© of anime characters that can deliver thousands of punches in a split second. Of course, this is not a recurring scene only in the Shonen with swordsmen, such as series like Dragon Ball or Naruto have staged several times. A few minute clashes lasting several episodes.

And what do you think of the video? Did you know CalebCity? Tell us in the comments! Speaking of swordsmen, we remind you that Kirito and Asuna will return later this year in the new film Sword Art Online, inspired by the SAO: Progressive novel series.

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