Warning! This review on Kamisama ni Natta Hi Chapter ten contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the episode yet, I recommend watching it and then going back to read the review.

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# 10 The days that have passed

Kamisama ni Natta Hi Chapter ten begins with what happened after Hina left. The days go by and there is no news of the girl's whereabouts, but a new member has joined the group. The arrival of Hiroto Suzuki made her relive a few memories of Hina, but it was a long time before Youta noticed, Hiroto lost patience. It's thanks to him that Youta has the opportunity to see Hina again, but circumstances have changed drastically. The young woman's new reality shocked Youta, who gradually loses the confidence to take her away.

Atonement and remembrance

Now that the truth has finally been revealed and things are on the verge of a sad departure, it is time to look back. Hiroto's appearance in front of Youta only served to awaken these precious memories. This is something that I mentioned before and now it takes more weight, although it is true that the story of this anime, at least until chapter seven, had been some kind of piece of life, the truth is it had its reason to be . Just as I was trying to land past reviews, the purpose of having fun and enjoying Hina and Youta's summer was always to preserve the memories. It was necessary to create a journal of fond memories that we would refer to in order to feel the emptiness of loss. A number of unique moments were required for proper catharsis.

Hiroto's role was not easy, he had to reconstruct these memories without actually changing or disturbing them. But I've never tried to make it any less complicated simply because he felt the need to do it, to go that far. In the last chapter, Hiroto felt overwhelming guilt for his role in Hina's future. This is why I seek your Atonement, though impossible to give back what I snatch, it may give you a new way to go. Deep down he understands that there is no real atonement, but there are things that he cannot do even if he wants to with his whole being. The reunification of Youta with Hina is only part of her pay, the rest gives her the opportunity to start over with the only condition that it is also something that Hina wants. Once I take away his choice, he can't do it again.

Your circumstances

A new reality has arrived, Hina is no longer a god. Fortunately, the loss of omniscience does not mean the loss of his life, if that can be looked at. But for little Hina things have changed radically, her stunted state has returned and she now has a phobia towards men. The worst evil is that he seems to have completely forgotten Youta what left both of them in dire situations.

At least 6 months have passed since Hina's departure, months in which we are not aware of the terrible situations that the young woman experienced. By and large we can know that she was taken away by loved ones, locked in we don't know where, that's where they shaved her and opened her skull to see Dr. Get out Korogi's machine. In the end, she was left to her fate in a rehabilitation center run exclusively by women. We can only assume that the treatment she received in the hospital was good, but the intense fear she has of men speaks of tremendous psychological abuse at the time she was captured to the machine to remove.

We agree with Youta, it is too much to suffer for a girl who did nothing wrong to deserve so much suffering. Hina's suffering is enormous and it is understandable why Hiroto made the condition that she choose what she wants. After going through so much and being at the mercy of the selfish desires of adults, it is only fair that she should make the final choice of how to live her life given the circumstances that have been given to her. At the same time, this is a bit complex, as we don't know whether Hina is able to make these decisions on her own.

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No trust

Finally, you need to talk about Youta's situation. After months of no news, with loss and an inability to move forward, Youta finally managed to reunite with Hina. It is very commendable that his feelings did not fluctuate, that he was always looking for her in his heart and waiting for her. Although Youta knew, or at least was aware of the possible situation the young woman might suffer, she did not hesitate in her choice. When Suzuki presented the opportunity to go on with his life or reunite with Hina, Youta decided to go with her, although he may regret it. In that moment, her confidence was that she would overcome any situation, all she had.

Unfortunately, all of his illusions have been betrayed by the bitter reality. Regardless of all the feelings he has for Hina, they cannot reach her. At least not now that it is completely closed to men, including him. Youta's hopes of fighting anything have taken a nosedive.

Hina's current situation is grimmer than he could have imagined. This made him remember the words of Hina's father, which was undoubtedly a mistake on his part. Well, while it is true that there is a similarity because of the disease, the situation is very different. Youta is different from the man who left his family when things got tough. The biggest difference is that Youta meets Hina and can open her heart again if she wants. Because that's the bond they both grew this summer.

Final comment

Kamisama ni Natta Hi Chapter 10 was a very strong episode in terms of content. After the revelation of Hina's divinity, it was a severe blow to see her again without her strength. Hina's reality was very sad when we heard from her father, but now that we see her return to that state and focus a little more on herself, we are concerned about the poor girl's future. Furthermore, it must be added that Hiroto's role in this chapter took us on a stroll through nostalgia and dwarfed us with a strange melancholy that were initially funny memories of the summer.

Before I finish, I have to say that while I still have my reservations about the series in general, I like the style that this script uses. It is a simple narrative, but it has many details that together magnify a panorama that we cannot look at individually. The best example is what happened to memories and what meaning we knew and didn't know they had.

So far, I leave you the usual questions: What did you think of this chapter? How did you feel when you thought about the days without Hina? How did you react to the new reality of little Hina? The next chapter follows Youta's attempts to open Hina's heart to him again.

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