Warning! This review on Kamisama ni Natta Hi Chapter seven contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the episode yet, I recommend watching it and then going back to read the review.

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# 7 The day of filming

Kamisama ni Natta Hi Chapter seven begins with Hina's announcement that Sora only finished the script for his film seven days before the end of the world. To support her sister, Youta gathers all of her friends again and begins filming, with Hina and Youta playing the lead roles. Filming goes smoothly as the hacker finally moves on with his investigation and reveals Dr. Korogi thinks a photo with a girl who appears to be Hina sows suspicion. Now there are only six days to the end of the world.

A fun summer

We're in the middle of this series and I can say the revelations have waited too long. While I want to say that this isn't a bad point on the story, I would be lying. However, it must be remembered that, despite the lack of disclosure, we are not faced with a hollow conspiracy. I think the main point of this first half was getting to know your characters, giving them interaction as a group, and letting the intrigue develop. The fact that there are no plot changes or tell-tale news has enabled us to build our own shovels. The latter has been one of the main attractions so far that we tried to build a story because of the little wink. All of this without realizing that we are exactly where we should be.

The point of this first half of a series of entertaining exchanges between characters is that we want to empathize with them. You can't appreciate a character you don't know, and you don't need to have a detailed record of someone to know them. The example of this is Hina, we literally know practically nothing about her background but we know her character thanks to the amount of time they gave her on screen. The same goes for Youta, we don't have to know everything about him to know he's an important point.

And that's exactly why we had the summer, a leisure space where we get to know and appreciate them. Not only for us, thanks to this, Youta himself became aware of his connections. He started the summer just with Asura and now he has a good group of allies by his side. Everything is a process of constructing and recognizing our place in others' lives.

A space for theorizing

As I said earlier, history so far does not allow too much detailed analysis, but gives a lot of freedom to theorize about its future. The best example of this is the sudden appearance of the final episode of Takajou, which led many to theorize the possibility that the universe of Kamisama ni Natta Hi is associated with that of Charlotte. While it could have been a simple cameo, it has raised interesting theories about it.

If it turns out that both anime share time and space, Hina's omniscience would be nothing more than one of the special powers featured in Charlotte. In which case would we be talking about a power similar to clairvoyance based on what we observed and the only question would be what is the disadvantage of its power? Because according to the anime by CharlotteEvery force had a disadvantage when used, for example Takajou, who could not stop his speed at will and was always injured, or Tomori, who only became invisible to his target while the rest could still see her.

Aside from the possibility that both animes are related or not, we still have the question: what or who is Hina? It presents itself as a divinity, what we can say doesn't seem feasible. However, we must admit that she possesses a number of skills that make it easy to see her as mere mortals. Thanks to the hacker's investigation, we come to a small photo taken by Dr. Korogi was well groomed and on which a girl similar to Hina is considered. The question this triggers is is the girl really Hina? Research notes, Hina / Odin's ability, among other things, suggest that our Hina is closer to an AI than a real girl. At least it seemed so, recent events and his closeness to Youta make us hesitate again.

Regarding the latter, the proximity of Youta and Hina, a new theory emerges. There is a possibility that Hina and Youta have met before. All of this based on Sora's film, which seems to tell us the story of this couple. Which only confuses us more. Well, if it turns out to be true, we still have to find out why Youta doesn't recognize her. This theory would also explain why the boy's parents know Hina and want to help her.

Final comment

Kamisama ni Natta Hi Chapter seven was another entertaining episode, but this time it prepared us one final mystery. As I said earlier, this series so far has given us very vague clues about its future. She concentrated enormously on the piece of life of our protagonists and told us a background story. Without the name of the creator, I would have lost faith in this series a long time ago. I can't help but keep my expectations high for future development, but considering that we're in the middle of the series with not much to talk about yet, this is starting to feel hopeless.

Before I finish with that, I need to rethink the evolution of Youta and Hina as a ship. While shipping this pair doesn't really bother me, I can't say I was thrilled with the sudden evolution. I already expected the subject of the film to lead, but seeing it in practice exceeded my estimate. Still, I'm not giving this up, we have five more episodes left to blow this story up and I really hope it happens.

So far, I leave you the usual questions: What did you think of this chapter? What are your theories about the future of this series? In the next episode we will continue filming for the film while Youta grapples with the idea that Hina could disappear when the supposed end of the world comes. After so much, Youta will realize something, has never clearly asked her parents who Hina is.

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