Few have noticed, but Chapter 71 of Dragon Ball Super implicitly and surprisingly revealed Goku's real weakness It's not about the compelling desire to fight. The answer actually comes straight from the omniscient Zuno, who reveals it to the Heeter brothers after receiving a kiss from Macki.

Zuno is a character who was introduced during the course of the Universe 6 storyline, which it appears to be He knows what has ever happened or is happening in the multiverse. The alien usually answers a series of questions after receiving a kiss and guarantees an answer if the interlocutor is a man, or two or more if it is a woman.

In chapter 71, Zuno decides to answer ten questions from Macki Heeter, considering her his ideal type of woman, and on orders the girl decides to follow her brother Elec's instructions and find a way to put Goku and Vegeta on cereal. A few days later, Macki and Oil appear at Chi-Chi's door on planet Earthand they ask them to call Goku back because "they heard he couldn't break his orders". Who-Who calls Goku and the Saiyan says he's ready to go home right away.

Given that the Heeters neither knew of the existence of chi-chi (nor where to find it), it is clear that Zuno revealed this to the brothers The only way to get Goku to join is to deal directly with Chi-Chi, the only person who can control it. With the exception of its physical limits, currently associated solely with the ineffective control of Ultra Instinct, It is therefore evident that chi-chi is Goku's only weakness, a now canonical answer, although many thought the Saiyan was only relatively caring for his family.

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