The war against the god of symbiotes Knull began in the King in Black event which disrupts the entire Marvel Comics universe, and the invasion of planet Earth has that too Fantastic Four to intervene in the violent struggle in which, however, one of the members of the group appears to have been absorbed by a symbiote.

It's absolutely not a positive time for the first Marvel family, especially when you consider that They recently lost their headquartersand now they have the role of Guardian of the Forever Gate, connected to every point in space and time. In the meantime, the human toric has deepened its bond with the alien sky, but The return of Johnny's ex-wife Lyja made things a bit complicated.

Reed Richards was part of the team that managed to figure out a way to stop the Knull threat, but this time the whole family will step in directly, as the recap of the next installment of the regular series shows: "Fantastic Four # 29 Shows the return of the king in black amid great confusion... a symbiote connects with a member of the first Marvel family! In addition, the invisible in this band forms a squadron for a secret mission in space. " Below is the cover of the volume in question.

Keep in mind that Franklin inherited one of the best armor in the Marvel Universe, and we're leaving you to the recently launched new version of Galactus.

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