Fans strongly criticize the animation of EX-ARM

After months of waiting and delays, the platform is out Crunchyroll published the first promotional video for one of his projects in the "Crunchyroll Originals" line, the animated adaptation of the manga EX-ARMwho received a barrage of negative reviews. Fans claim that given the superb quality of the art in the original work, high expectations were placed on this project.

Just over 24 hours after it was published, the video has already had more than 3,700 dislikes over 800 likes on YouTube, a difference of more than 300%. Inexplicably, the platform did not close the comments section, which is full of insults for the production such as:

  • ""This looks like a school project at Source Filmmaker".
  • """Declare war on all science fiction series in the world," says the video. I think it's hard to declare a war that you've already lost".
  • ""Oh my god, bad CG animation is sabotaging itself again".
  • ""When it slides across the ground, it couldn't be more terrible".
  • ""I imagine this promotional video was put together with the best scenes, so I don't want to imagine what the rest of it looks like".
  • ""This makes the 2016 Berserker look like Citizen Kane from the CGI anime".
  • ""Little did I know there was going to be a second season of Gibiate, what a thrill".
  • ""Don't be mean with your comments, my 12 year old brother made this video".
  • ""Crunchyroll is now betting on PlayStation 2 video games, but what a dedication".
  • ""Bruh, after watching the video, why was Crunchyroll confident enough to release it?".
  • ""I was very excited when I saw the notification for this video, but after seeing it, gosh, I lost all interest in this series. I was expecting 2D animation precisely because it looks like it in the promo pic, but this CG is so horrible that everything else looks like a masterpiece".
  • ""What a good joke, Crunchyroll, could you upload the real trailer now that we're laughing?".
  • ""To stop Sony from buying from you, show them the junk you produce, not a bad plan".
  • ""Wow, it looks like you can't afford Studio Orange and you went for RWBY's Rooster Teeth".

It should be noted that this is the director's first outing Yoshikatsu Kimurain an animation project, as shown in an interview with Crunchyroll in September of this year: "I'm a fan of anime myself, so I wanted to challenge myself through a production like this, but wanted to use the directing skills I acquired working with live-action films. I also knew that if we approached combat and action scenes like in live action films, we could create an anime that had never been seen before.".

Production team

  • Yoshikatsu Kimura is responsible for directing the anime in the studios Visual flight.
  • Tommy Morton is responsible for writing and monitoring the scripts.
  • Sou Kimura is responsible for the composition of the soundtrack.

EX-ARM synopsis

2014: Akira Natsume appears to have an almost phobia of electronic devices while being very good at diagnosing it. One day he decides to change clothes to look better and have a girlfriend, just like his older brother ... However, Akira suddenly dies in an accident.

16 years later, a special police officer and her Android companion pick up a highly developed artificial intelligence and super weapon called the EX-ARM, activate it and, as a last resort, give her full control of her ship. It turns out that the AI ​​is actually Akira's mind!

Source: Youtube

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