fairy tale has been over for some time, but his mangaka continues to share his creations on the Twitter page. Also, Hiro Mashima admitted that he loves the creations that fans regularly send him. These come from all over the world and because of this, the project the author will be involved in will be on a global scale.

Weekly Shonen Magazine News, an unofficial Twitter page, reported on it Hiro Mashima will be the protagonist of a world event: an online autograph session in the livestream on Youtube. 80 people from Japan, North America, China, and France are selected Italy and you will receive a signed color drawing.

There are This is why the Italian Fairy Tail fans can also participate on this extraordinary event. The possibility to register for an autograph runs from September 15th to October 17th. More and more specific information will be released later as this announcement is a preview of the next issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine, which launches September 8th. Italian fans, you are ready to apply and get one Autograph from Hiro Mashima?

In the meantime, Hiro Mashima continues to work with EDENS ZERO, which has reached a very important milestone with the latest releases.

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