The characters of Neon Genesis Evangelion They are among the darlings of the public, adolescents who, in the imagination of Hideaki Anno, have taken responsibility to face the threat from the angels and thus protect the world from impact and another catastrophe. But which of the different pilots is the best?

The Evangelion franchise shines with numerous themed articles, some of them in limited editions and at a massive price like this jacket in cooperation with Undercover from 6,000 euros. To make the masterpiece of Gainax studio the protagonists of the story thought about it, the pilots of the various Eva units, who valiantly fought against terrible threats.

In any case, identifying the most skilled driver is not an impossible undertaking as this is the original series Asuka Soryu Langley She is highlighted as the most natural talent, tremendous confidence and excellent strategic skills. A real genius of Eve, which makes her shine even more than Shinjiwho, despite her abilities, lacks security in combat with her partner, and di Rei Ayanami.

However, these considerations must be kept in mind by setting the number of aside Kaworuwho, due to their nature, cannot be considered a pilot in the strict sense, and that of Mari which belongs to the rebuilds. If we kept the latter in mind, Asuka's position would actually stagger, as Makinami proved to be an equally capable driver, if not more so than her companion from 02.

And do you, on the other hand, agree with our considerations? Please let us know as usual with a comment below.

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