It has been some time since the release of ONE PIECE 1011, a chapter that was followed by a break for Golden Week. Luffy faces Kaido while Big Mom goes wild in the corridors below. But the other characters, including Mugiwara and Hundred Beasts, face each other in the emperor's castle.

Big Mom rolled out page one and closed chapter 1011 of ONE PIECE with a bang. The story went on with that Chapter 1012, which begins with the nine remaining red shells. Kinemon explains that each of them must be headed for a target in order to aid their allies. The Fire Fox will head towards Momonosuke to protect him. O-Kiku is given permission to face Kanjuro and kill him while the others take a different direction. And among them, Nekomamushi learns of the presence of Pedro's killer on the island and seems determined to seek revenge.

Instead, Izo and Kawamatsu go to another corridor where they meet Sanji and a strongly bonded and connected Zoro. A few minutes earlier, Law, Zeus, and Zoro fell from the sky exactly where Sanji was. When Zeus escapes, Law makes his way to Big Mom and Sanji takes care of Zoro. Currently, the swordsman is sleeping while the cook protects him from Kaido's pirates, but suddenly wakes up and tells the group to go to the central stage if they want to help.

There The last phase of ONE PIECE 1012 is then intended for Big Mom, Ulti, Nami, Usopp and Tama. The dinosaur wants revenge on Page One, but decides to take Komachiyo out of the game before facing the Empress. Tama cries and tries to defend him, but Ulti beats her and lets her pass out. This causes the anger of Nami, who decides to launch a lightning attack on Ulti despite the danger. Nami has decided not to run away: it is unforgivable to hit a little girl and she will be the one to avenge Tama.

ONE PIECE 1013 will be arriving on Weekly Shonen Jump next week.

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