In recent years, Netflix has worked intensively on the animation industry. In addition to reviving old and non-original content, the platform also focused on developing new and atypical products such as Castlevania. Another anime comes from another video game of Japanese origin: it is of the dragon belief.

Netflix announced the anime of Dragon's Dogma in March 2019, well over a year ago, and since then the traces of that title have been lost. Very little information was revealed and no one knew much about Capcom's IP customization. Now we finally know more thanks to the latest versions of the streaming platform.

From the release date, Dragon's Dogma will debut on Netflix on September 17, 2020. The revelation came from a post on the streaming site's social networks, which then increased the dose with a poster. As you can see in the tweet below, the picture focuses on depicting the dragon and protagonist of this story. the resurrectedwho must take revenge on the dragon who stole his heart and passed several deadly trials.

This is done by the sublimation studio (009 Re: Cyborg, Walking Meat). Nothing is missing now wait for the first trailer of Dragon's Dogma.

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